Refreshing Workshop 2012

Refreshing Workshop for Council Members and activists were conducted on 9th December 2012.  More than 60 particpants have participated in the workshop. Following were the speakers who delivered their views for the particpants. Ad.Raja Desai prominent Labour Lawyer expressed his views on current situation of Contract Workers. He also explained the

Closed days Case

Details Published on Saturday, 01 September 2012 03:38 Unfair Labour Practice case was filed by Union before Industrial Court at Thane.The Company has declared the Closed days in Switchgear Unit and LVGP(Breaker Dept) unilaterally. This leads to loss of production incentive. Hon’ble Court was pleased to pass an Interim Relief

Conference in Germany

Date : 18th / 19th April 2012 International meeting of Siemens employees representatives was held in Munich in Germany and our General Secretary and President visited the Headquarters of IMF. Below are the presentations by participants in the International meeting. The first presentation was from Professor Cristoph Scherrer, Kassel University.