Closed days Case

Unfair Labour Practice case was filed by Union before Industrial Court at Thane.The Company has declared the Closed days in Switchgear Unit and LVGP(Breaker Dept) unilaterally. This leads to loss of production incentive.

Hon’ble Court was pleased to pass an Interim Relief in favour of Union on 24th August 2012.

The Hon’ble Court directed the Company to pay Production Incentive for Four Closed days and further directed the Company not to resort such type of Closure without giving proper notice.

The Company made an application for stay of the said order to challenge the same before the Hon’ble High Court.Hon’ble Court has stayed the order for a month but directed the Company to deposit the amount of Production Incentive in the Court.

Final relief prayed by the Union:- To restrain the Company from Outsourcing the work of any of the units by keeping the employees without work. To restrain the Company from engaging any contract employees in the works within the premises   without providing work to the direct employees.

For details of the case please contact office bearers of the union.

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