“Wage Settlement 2015”

On 11th September 2015 Union has signed Wage Settlement for Kalwa with the Company. This settlement is for three years and six months.

On this occasion Mr. Ramesh Shankar Vice President HR had mentioned while signing nashik settlement last year that we will sign the new settlement fast and it should be settled with discussion and we should not approach the courts for the same. He was happy that the same was achieved and he was successful in improving Union and Management relations.

Mr. Praveen Deshmukh General Manager HR was personally very happy with this settlement, he mentioned that this was a very important settlement for kalwa because otherwise kalwa unit would have been the costliest unit. This settlement is a landmark settlement  because it is a win win for both the parties and also because it has not only made kalwa sustainable but has also taken care of future orders, new technologies and challenges ahead.

Mr. Girish Ashtekar President SWU, was contented with the negotiations that took place in a very progressive manner where both the parties were keen on making this settlement fruitful for them as well as taking into consideration the needs of the other party. He requested the management and also the members to go by agreement as it is a package and do not go beyond so as to maintain harmony in the shop.

Mr. Uday Mahale General Secretary SWU, said this is a landmark settlement as it has a different flavour with the negotiations going smoothly and the management taking all efforts from their side to make it a success and this is settlement which gives a message that you can achieve success through collaboration. He was keen on making a remark that the management has once again shown faith in the union after some bitter experiences in the past couple of years and the same should carry on for the benefit of the company and subsequently for the workers.

Union has succeeded to sign average gain of 33% for the workmen of Kalwa Works.The settlement was signed by Mr. Ramesh Shankar Vice President HR and Mr. Praveen Deshmukh General Manager HR on behalf of management and Mr.Uday Mahale General Secretary and Mr. Girish Ashtekar President on behalf of the union Committee members and the management representatives were present on this occasion.

All the workers are delighted with this settlement.

Now Union is in the process of negotiation for Nashik and Aurangabad works. The negotiations is in last round for Turbhe factory (Now “Primetals”)

Very soon the settlement will be uploaded on the site.

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