MARUTI SUZUKI Workers struggle completes one year

Maruti Suzuki Workers Struggle Completes One Year

On 18th July 2013 Maruti Suzuki Kruti Samiti (Action Committee) organised a rally from Parel TT to Dadar Vanmali Hall (Mumbai) in Solidarity with the workers of maruti suzuki in Manesar.

As the struggle of Maruti suzuki workers completed one year, Members of SWU participated in the rally. Employees, workers, Teachers and Students from differenet Unions participated in this rally.A meeting was organised after the rally in vanmali hall.Representatives from different Unions expressed their concern and views to boost the morale of Maruti Suzuki Workers.

Comrade Vasudevan Presented the report on the progress about the struggle in Manesar.

Songs and Poems from different Organisations were presented which showed the need for Solidarity among unions.

A street play was performed showing the situation in the Maruti Suzuki factory.

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