Refreshing Workshop 2012

Refreshing Workshop for Council Members and activists were conducted on 9th December 2012.  More than 60 particpants have participated in the workshop. Following were the speakers who delivered their views for the particpants.

Ad.Raja Desai prominent Labour Lawyer expressed his views on current situation of Contract Workers. He also explained the decisions on various cases. He drew attention of the particpant at inequality in the payments and treatment given to Contract workers. In his thoughtful speech he also spoke on social situation of labour as well as Unions.

Mr. Giri Youth Secretary of Hind Mazdoor Sabha  delivered lecture on Role of Youth in Union Building. He said leader must know the language of youth. He shared his experience of union building where youth have involved. Mr.Giri explained certain measures to attract the youth towards the Union.

Mr.Lotlikar ex Secretary of Philps Employees Union  now extremly busy in departmental inquiry of Workmen in various Industry. He spoke on ” Know Enquiry Proceedings”, in which he explained warning letter, show cause etc. His session followed by several question answers.

Ad. Sanjay Singvi a enthusiastic lawyer as well as Trade Unionist shared his views on ” Union Building”. He put light on Trade Union  movement its  past and future. He also satisfied questions of participants on various statutes.

A day workshop have enlightened the activists.

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