Siemens Satellite Factory

Workmen from Siemens Satellite factory became members of Siemens Workers Union.Our Union has raised Charter of Demands on behalf of workmen of Siemens Satellite factory. This factory is situated at Rabale around 6Km away from Kalwe establishment. This factory caters to Motor factory of Kalwe establishment and also a integral part of Kalwe Motor factory.As a precautionery measure union has filed Complaint before Hon’ble Industrial Court Thane and sought relief to safeguard their jobs.

Hon’ble Court pleased to grant interim relief in favour of those workmen.

Union has also submitted letter of intervention to Deputy Commissioner of Labour Thane with regards to Charter of Demands.

On 5th October 2012 union board has been inagurated in front of Satellite factory. Members, activists were present on this occassion. The representatives from Industriall Global union were also present on this occassion.

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