On 3rd of june SWU donated Deep Freezer, PPE kit etc. necessary items to fight against COVID 19 to the government and Civil Hospitals of Nashik and Aurangabad.

In addition to this On 15th of june 2020 SWU also donated 120 pairs of Elbow LENGTH SAFETY HANDGLOVES to the Scavenging Contract Workers of “KACHARA VAHATUK UNION” in Chembur.

Com. Milind Ranade, gen secy of the Union accepted this donation on behalf of the workers. He said to the people in his office that Siemens Workers Union is affiliated to NTUI and so they are in contact for many years and SWU not only works for their workers but also provide help and guidance to the different strata of the society. He said these Handgloves are very good and will be used for specific duties which are the most unhygenic. SWU felt it necessary to donate these handgloves because these workers work in the most unhygienic area and are constantly handling garbage. We hope this will save them from getting infected.

Also SWU donated 21 nos of WEIGHING SCALE and 250 pairs of FOOT COVERS for the Blood Bank at the KEM HOSPITAL- PAREL, MUMBAI.This was particilarly requested by the Blood Bank as there was shortage of the same.

On 16th of june we donated 30 litres of SANITIZERS, 750 pairs of NITRILE HAND GLOVES and 400 nos of SAFETY GOGGLES to the “CHATRAPATI SHIVAJI MAHARAJ HOSPITAL” – KALWA, THANE.The concerned people in all these three location appreciated the help and the Blood Bank has also asked us to send volunteers who have recovered from COVID 19 to donate their PLASMA for this noble cause.

We thank all our members who have given their time and efforts for completing this task.This was all possible because of the support of all our members and well wishers.We all will continue to carry out our responsibility towards the society in the future.

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